Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diaper bags

fuscia with medium white polka dots

lime green with small fuscia polka dots

brown with large blue polka dots
light pink with medium white polka dots
black with large pink polka dots

brown with large pink polka dots


Clenece said...

Hey Staci, I want to put these on my blog for you but I wanted to know how much the current price are for them? Let me know and I will add it to my blog! Good luck!

Karin said...

Hi! I just love your bags and would like to purchase one...I am finding out the flavor of my baby on Monday(if it decides to show...LOL!) So I can choose a gender specific bag. But I have a few questions...
1. How much are your bags? It says that they were on sale until Christmas eve...do you have a different price now?
2. How long are the straps? I am a heavier woman and have a hard time keeping 2 straps on my shoulder...was wondering if there is a possibility of just having one strap that is maybe a couple inches longer than the original straps.
3. What types of payment do you take...I work better on a cash/check system...
4. and finally, what do you charge for shipping and handling?
Please feel free to send answers to my email...karin_mikawa@yahoo.com.
Thanks so much!

A Plane Family Story said...

Hello! I have been looking every where for the perfect diaper bag and I think I have found one. I hope that you are still selling them. I just had a couple of questions. 1) How much are your bags? 2) How much for shipping and handleing to Id? 3) What method of payment do you accept?
4) Do you have any neutral gender color diaper bags? Please let me know, my email is pamperedplane@gmail.com.
Thank you so Much!!

Jamie said...

Hi, I love these bags! I am just wondering how big the diaper bags are? I am having my 5th child and the bigger the better!!

(it's a girl, so these would be great! Now to decide which one!)

email me at